Friday, June 6, 2014


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Some suggestions for your Christmas

This model of vibrator is shaped like a tongue and is indicated for oral sex. Is waterproof and uses battery

Exciting Wild Love Gel is unisex, and when applied to the vagina or penis, causing feelings of heating and cooling.
This gel has the flavor drink Alexander and is used for body massage. It causes a sensation of thermal heating in contact with the skin and can be ingested by licking and kissing the skin.

Lingeries are always a good choice for warm weather and cause a good impression, both for those who use, as for who presents with a.

A letter or a postcard of love or passion, will always be a good gift for your better half.

Anal Plug, in the shape of a Christmas tree, in Brown. Super original.

New for Christmas 2012, Paramore, Sweatshirts with Christmas motifs

A gift basket with natural flowers, is a very nice gift too, which gives both for man and for woman.

Make a cake and surprise your beloved (the)

We wish you all
a Holy Christmas and a
2013 full of Peace
and Joy.

De: Portuguesinha and Smiling Angel