Saturday, July 12, 2014

Re-post: FOTOS DE LEITORES: Casal Ri e Lu - Primeira contribuição!

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Correcting the post made earlier today, Lu, the couple below, sent new email, like this:

Hello, can publish our email we're capital-sp
actually we are beginners in this world yet ... we would like to receive honors in videos of men masturbating and Cumming on my pics ... at least for now

Ri came to bring us the honor to enjoy your beautiful little bride!
Sent us a new email, stating that it is of SP, and
could publish the contact email them, or what they're looking for exactly, but some things can be said with certainty:

He must love suck this beautiful fendinha!

And as a dedicated fiance will never imagined a guy like that, like me, lying between those legs.

Or brushing a member very generous in this ass?

"No, love, today I don't want ..."!
Ah, another account, right? Charminho? ;)

These hairs would be perfect all respingadinhos white milk of a male, don't you think?