Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Throne...

type = ' html ' >Taste when you invite me to sit on your throne,
you make me Queen,
you make me a woman,
your majestic body,
I sit my desire viçoso,
that my body runs away angry,
foaming of pleasure...
Bury me in the wilderness,
the tissues of your skin,
a swing seat,
your arms a merry-go-round...
I like it when the middle of the maelstrom,
your voice reigns,
accelerating the pace,
the pleasure that you don't expect.
my hips gingam to the rhythm,
your hands will ordering,
they hold, shake,
and by the way I will be whipping...
my breasts look for your mouth,
already distilling longing,
want your tongue,
they suck the levity.

my lips already groan,
the bravery of the moment,
chew your neck,
one way violent.
and hand in hand we will reign,
between whispers and vagidos,
These are the sounds that give voice,
to our five senses...
*** Artemis* * *